Community Living BC (CLBC) Funded Programs

Embark on a transformative journey with our Community Living BC (CLBC) funded programs at Princeton & District Community Services Society. Tailored for adults aged 19 and older referred by CLBC, our programs encompass Respite Services, Self-Help Skills, Employment Development, Residential Services, and Home Share. These offerings are crafted to enrich the lives of individuals by providing comprehensive support and fostering a community-oriented approach to living.

Accessing Services: A Collaborative Process

Upon CLBC referral, individuals interested in our programs engage in a structured process. This involves completing an application form and a medical assessment. A crucial component is the intake/information meeting, where PDCSS staff, alongside significant individuals in the person's life, discuss program options aligned with interests, dreams, and aspirations. This collaborative approach ensures a holistic understanding of the individual, considering strengths, areas for growth, and desired outcomes

Placement and Inclusivity

While placement in our programs is subject to available space, we are committed to inclusivity. In instances where space is limited, a waitlist may be established until a spot becomes available. Our dedication to understanding and actively involving individuals in their service choices is unwavering. We make reasonable efforts to accommodate the active participation of those receiving services, including the option of an advocate if desired or necessary to interpret and support the person's unique goals. At Princeton & District Community Services Society, our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive environment that champions the aspirations of each individual we serve.

New Beginnings Day Program

For adults with developmental disabilities. Open Mondays through Thursdays, attendees are provided a warm meal and participate in vocational, recreational, social and educational programming.

Residential Living

Victoria House; 4 bedroom licensed community care facility for adults with advanced care needs. Support services are available 24/7 Mary Anne Court; 6 unit self-contained apartment complex offering semi-independent living opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities

Community Inclusion

Individuals or small groups work with a support worker to improve daily living skills, achieve goals, and experience community inclusion.

Employment Development

Community Employment Services assists adults with developmental disabilities to obtain successful employment opportunities responsive to their choices and abilities. The program uses a strengths based approach through person-directed services/supports with a goal that individuals will be able to choose, achieve and maintain employment within the Princeton and District area.

Two women holding leaves in the yard.

HomeShare: Building Community and Supportive Living

Discover the transformative residential option of HomeShare at Princeton & District Community Services Society. This unique program facilitates adults with developmental disabilities sharing a home with a contracted support provider, fostering a supportive and inclusive living environment. The emphasis is on finding shared living situations where individuals are valued members of the home and receive the necessary supports to actively participate in the broader community. Whether the home is owned or rented by the provider or the individual requiring support, HomeShare accommodates diverse arrangements, including situations where the provider’s family resides in the home or individuals live together as roommates in a reciprocal relationship. Referrals for HomeSharing contracts are made through Community Living BC, reflecting our commitment to collaborating with key stakeholders to create enriching living experiences.