Aspen Court – Application

PLEASE NOTE: Applications will be kept on file for 6 months only.

Who is Eligible
Permanent residents of Canada, residing in British Columbia who are not under sponsorship. Affordable housing is available for families, seniors, and people with disabilities who can live independently and qualify for a disability pension, or who cannot work because of a disability.

Generally, people are eligible for housing if their household income falls below an amount set annually and their rent exceeds 30 per cent of their incomes. As the demand for affordable housing is high, Princeton & District Community Services assesses each applicant’s need for housing based on criteria which includes the applicant’s income, current living situation and personal and family requirements as compared to other applicants. This ensures that priority is given to households in the greatest need.

Purpose of this Form
This application form is designed to collect specific information from applicants seeking affordable housing in accordance with section 26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the FOI Act). Princeton & District Community Services use this information to determine your eligibility for housing and the types of accommodation that best suit your needs.

Important information
In British Columbia affordable housing vacancies are limited. To increase your chances of obtaining housing, it is recommended that you apply for several developments or areas.

Please update your application if any of your information changes. You should try to update your application at least once every six months.

Please provide day and evening phone numbers, or the phone number of a contact person so that housing providers can contact you if a unit becomes available.

Please note that Aspen Court allows only ONE SPAYED OR NEUTERED PET per suite. Written proof by a veterinarian will be mandatory, should you choose to obtain/retain a pet. Under 20 Lbs.

    A. Applicants: (Person(s) asking for accommodation)

    B. Household Composition: (List yourself on line 1, then list all other persons in your household who will be living with you.
    If there are more than 8 people in your household, attach the extra names on a separate sheet.)

    Full Name (last name first)

    Birth Date d/m/y



    Relationship to Applicant

    Type of Disability(if any)

    Wheelchair Requirements

    Do you expect the number of people in your family to change in the next 12 months? (pregnancy, family joining, family leaving)

    C. Residency History:

    How many years have you lived in Canada? (years)

    Are you currently under sponsorship?

    If yes, sponsored by:

    (Please list your address(es) for the past 2 years. Use a separate sheet if required)


    From Date

    To Date

    Name of Landlord

    Landlord Phone No.

    Have you previously lived in subsidized accommodation?
    If yes, what was the name and/or address of the development?
    What were the dates of your residency? From To

    E. Income Information: (List gross monthly income [before deductions] for all members of your household, age 19 and older, from all sources.)

    First Name

    Source (i.e. employment, EI, pensions, income assistance, etc.)

    Gross Monthly Income ($)

    Total Gross Monthly Income for Household

    F. Assets: (Please list the current value of all assets held by you and members of your household.)

    Cash/Bank Balance

    Stocks/Bonds/Term Deposits

    Value of Real Estate Owned

    Other assets: (e.g. RRSPs, Annuities, Mortgages held by household members) Please list below.

    G. Current Accommodation: (Please describe your current accommodation as completely as possible by checking and/orcompleting the information below.)

    Please state:
    Your current monthly rent $ Does your rent include heat?

    Does your rent include heat?

    How many bedrooms do you have now?

    Do you:

    Does your present accommodation have a:
    Outdoor play area:


    BC Housing permits tenants to have 1 (one) pet per unit and
    Do you have any household pets? (It is important that you list all pets.)Number of pets
    Do you have a dog? If yes, indicate which type or breed of dog.
    Other pets? (Please indicate) Are you willing to give up your pet? (if any)

    H. Reason for Move:

    Are you under notice to end your present tenancy? (check, if yes)
    If yes, please attach a copy of the legal Notice to End a Residential Tenancy from your landlord.

    If you are not under notice, why do you wish to move? (Please be specific. Attach sheet for additional information.)

    I. Application Checklist:
    Before returning your Application for Accommodation have you:

    Completed your Application in full?
    Indicated your preferred housing locations?
    Enclosed a copy of the ‘Notice to End a Residential Tenancy’, if applicable?
    Signed and dated the Application in the shaded space below?

    DECLARATION: Please read and sign this statement.

    I/We declare:
    • This is my application; and
    • All the information in it is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    I/We authorize:
    • Pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the FOI Act), Princeton & District Community Services to make any inquiries that are necessary to verify the information given in this application; and
    • Pursuant to the FOI Act, any person, corporation or social agency to release to Princeton & District Community Services any information pertinent to the assessment of my/our application; and Princeton & District Community Services to receive and exchange with credit bureaus and my/our previous landlords credit and other information about me/us, to be used in the decision making process to provide me/us with rental accommodation.

    I/We understand:
    • That, in accordance with section 33 (c) of the FOI Act, the information on this application may be shared with other affordable housing providers in order to increase my/our opportunities for rent-geared-to-income housing; and
    • That this application does not constitute any agreement on the part of Princeton & District Community Services to provide me/us with rental accommodation; and
    • That it is my/our responsibility to advise Princeton & District Community Services of any changes to the information given in this application and to provide any supporting materials required for my/our application.

    Signature of Applicant


    Signature of Applicant