About us

Princeton & District Community Services Society (PDCSS) stands as a cornerstone of support, enriching the lives of individuals across our community through a diverse range of programs and services. Rooted in our commitment to fostering inclusivity, well-being, and empowerment, we have become a vital hub of assistance for those in various stages of life, from seniors seeking affordable living options to adults with developmental disabilities navigating supportive residential arrangements.

HomeShare: Building Community and Supportive Living

At the heart of our endeavors is the HomeShare program, a testament to our dedication to creating inclusive and supportive living environments. HomeShare offers a unique residential option where adults with developmental disabilities share a home with a contracted support provider. This collaborative arrangement aims to provide not only a safe and supportive space but also an opportunity for active participation within the broader community. From shared living situations to roommates engaging in reciprocal relationships, HomeShare offers a flexible and personalized approach to accommodate the diverse needs and aspirations of individuals. Referrals for HomeSharing contracts are facilitated through Community Living BC, underscoring our commitment to collaborating with key stakeholders to provide transformative living experiences.

Vermilion Court: Seniors Affordable Living

For our cherished seniors, Vermilion Court emerges as a beacon of affordable living. Supported in part by Community Services, BC Housing, and tenants, Vermilion Court offers a secure 18-unit apartment complex designed for multi-level living and wheelchair accessibility, complete with an elevator for convenience. Seniors at Vermilion Court benefit from a minimal monthly fee that includes one warm meal per day, enhancing their overall well-being. Our commitment to affordable and supportive housing solutions for our senior community members is unwavering, and eligibility is determined through a collaborative process involving BC Housing guidelines and PDCSS.

Police-Based Victim Services: Community Support in Times of Need

In collaboration with the RCMP, our Police-Based Victim Services program extends compassionate support to individuals affected by crime or trauma. Administered by Princeton & District Community Services Society and generously funded by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, our program operates as an essential link between the RCMP and the community. Committed to assisting the RCMP in their interactions with victims of crime or trauma, we provide emotional support, practical assistance, and court support to victims, their families, witnesses, and those experiencing trauma related to police situations. Our reach extends across Princeton, Hedley, Coalmont, Tulameen, and Manning Park, ensuring that our support network covers the breadth of our community.

Our Victim Services office, located at the Princeton RCMP Detachment, serves as a centralized hub for those seeking assistance. We can be reached at 250-295-7901, embodying our commitment to being a lifeline for those in need during challenging times. With a focus on collaboration, compassion, and community well-being, Police-Based Victim Services exemplifies our dedication to creating a safer, more supportive environment for all.

Meals on Wheels: Nourishing Lives, One Delivery at a Time

Recognizing the importance of maintaining independence and well-being, our Meals on Wheels service delivers warm, nutritious meals Monday through Friday. Each meal, priced at $8.00, includes a main course, bun, soup, and salad, offering both convenience and nourishment. For those who order two or more meals on the same day, a special rate of $7.00 per meal applies. Timely deliveries take place between 12:00pm and 1:00pm, bringing the comfort of a well-prepared meal directly to the doorstep. This service is not only a culinary delight but also a testament to our commitment to supporting the diverse needs of our community, fostering a sense of community through every meal.

Community Living BC (CLBC) Funded Programs: Tailoring Support for Diverse Needs

Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity is further exemplified through our Community Living BC (CLBC) funded programs. Offering a range of services, including Respite Services, Self-Help Skills, Employment Development, Residential Services, and Home Share, these programs cater to adults aged 19 and older referred by CLBC. The collaborative process involves individuals completing an application form and a medical assessment, followed by an intake/information meeting with PDCSS staff and key individuals in their lives. This person-centered approach ensures that program options align with individual interests, dreams, aspirations, strengths, and areas for growth. While placement is contingent on available space, we make every effort to actively involve individuals in the decision-making process and ensure their understanding and participation in the services provided.

As an organization, Princeton & District Community Services Society stands as a dynamic force, weaving a tapestry of support, compassion, and empowerment across our community. From transformative residential programs to vital victim services and nourishing meals, our commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all remains unwavering. Through collaboration, inclusivity, and a genuine dedication to community well-being, we continue to evolve and adapt, ensuring that our services resonate with the diverse needs and aspirations of those we are privileged to serve.

Our Team

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Annie Adam

Payroll/Kitchen Manager

Joy Klassen

Accounting Administrator/Human Resources

Becky Vermette

Executive Director

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Laura Robbins

Executive Coordinator

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Nancy Blanchard

Finance Clerk

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Janine Lemotte

Residence Coordinator

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Kim Herzig

Human Resources Assistant

Denise Malsbury

Senior Services Manager

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Gloria Gagnon

Community Inclusion Manager

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Carol Skinner

Transit Lead Driver

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Lia Ayala

Office Administrator

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Sharon Zieske

Victim Services Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

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Pictured left to right; Gerry Cooper, Suzanne Hoffman, Sue Coyne, Marilyn Harkness, Kim Maynard and Corinna Robic.

Missing from the photo are Linda Francottie and Solitaire Steele.